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Optimize your deals with Beeline’s CRM and
Marketing Automation Services ​

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Bring maximum marketing ROI with our FREE eBook. ​

In this eBook, learn how to:​

  • Maximize CRM potential for revenue growth.​

  • Leverage customer data for targeted messaging.​

  • Drive marketing through exceptional experiences.​

  • Contextualize messaging to resonate with customers.​

  • Personalize communications to enhance engagement.​

  • …and more!

of marketers experienced increased conversion by using marketing automation solutions.​


of businesses currently utilize marketing automation.





of marketers saw an increase in leads after using marketing automation.​

Marketing departments face increasing expectations and challenges. With heightened competition, the need to acquire customers faster, and the shift towards personalized experiences, marketers must navigate these demands while maximizing return on investment, in the face of shrinking budgets. ​

CRM, valuable for marketers in the B2B space, offers a unified view of customers at every sales stage, enabling data-driven decision-making and improving customer experiences. However, CRM's full potential is realized when paired with Marketing Automation, enabling fully automated, highly personalized campaigns throughout the customer journey. This streamlines repetitive tasks, allowing teams to focus on strategic initiatives and creative innovation.​

Ready to unleash the power of this game-changing technology but not sure where to start? Beeline's CRM and Marketing Automation Services have got you covered. ​

Unlike most CRM providers who are focused solely on sales, we understand the unique challenges and processes of B2B, drawing on our extensive 20+ years of experience. Our platform-agnostic approach, complemented by customized solutions and consulting services, guarantees measurable results.​

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Under Beeline’s CRM and Marketing Automation Services,
you can avail of the following: ​


  • Streamlining lead management process ​

  • Inbound lead process automation ​

  • CRM strategy and mapping ​

  • Lead scoring and lead nurturing strategy

  • Database management

  • Chatbot strategy and content creation

  • Inbound omnichannel marketing content creation ​

  • Campaign and ad management ​

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