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An Introduction to
Digital Leads Generation


online         2.5 hours


We have long known that 89% of B2B buyers use the internet during the research process. Today, B2B sales and marketing leaders need to embrace a digital-first go-to-market strategy. Unfortunately, B2B sellers have fallen way behind B2C in terms of digital marketing and engagement. This needs to change.  

Learning Objectives  

This workshop aims to introduce participants to digital leads generation campaigns, including:   

  • How to map out the customer journey  

  • Designing content to engage customers at each stage of the customer journey  

  • Understanding the different digital channels and platforms and how each can be used to support the campaign   

  • Closing the loop with Sales    


Target Audience

This workshop is designed for Marketing heads at IT companies. It is assumed that participants already
have some basic understanding of digital marketing.    


Topics Covered 

  • What you need to know before starting a campaign 

  • Overview of Digital Channels and Platforms 

  • Mapping out the Customer Journey 

  • Connected Sales and Marketing: Closing the Loop with Sales  

Customer Personas Workshop


online         2 hours


A Customer Persona describes a typical individual in your target audience. It includes their demographics, their motivations, how and where they get information, and their influencers. It also considers how they might react to and evaluate your product or service.    


Understanding and developing customer personas for your target audiences can help you to: 

  • Increase relevance of messaging in all marketing communications   

  • Select the most appropriate marketing channels to reach them more effectively  


By attending the Customer Personas Workshop, you can:  

  • Learn the foundations that need to be in place prior to launching marketing efforts  

  • Understand how customer personas can be used to improve audience targeting, messaging, and channel selection  

  • Develop customer personas for your own products or services 


Audience and Pre-requisites 

This workshop is designed for marketing heads of B2B companies.  No pre-requisites. 

Copywriting Workshop


online         4 hours


This workshop helps both new and seasoned copywriters to enhance their copywriting skills and learn to refine messaging to suit specific audiences and today’s digital channels. We will tackle copywriting basics, common writing frameworks, and useful techniques to grab and sustain your readers’ attention.


This workshop aims to help participants to: 

  • Write effective copy, given your content objectives 

  • Clearly communicate key messages given a particular audience or channel 


Topics Covered 

  • Copywriting Basics 

  • Writing Frameworks and Techniques to Engage your Audience 

  • Common Applications – Headlines and Social Media  

  • Tools and Tricks of the Trade 

What People Say

Very informative and lively session. The trainers were great. They tried to simplify the topics and the exercises were helpful. They were also generous with checking our exercises and gave their insights during the review.
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