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Beeline helps you plan and manage digital marketing campaigns that support your marketing objectives, whether you need to create awareness, generate new leads, nurture prospects or cross-sell and upsell to existing clients.

• Paid Ad Campaigns (Meta/Facebook, LinkedIn and Google) 
• Social Media Strategy, Content and Social Listening 
• Email Marketing and Automation

How we do it: The Beeline Methodology

Beeline invests in training its digital marketing team to keep them updated on current and future trends.  We are a Google Partner and our employees have active certifications from Hubspot, Google, Meta and LinkedIn.

End-to-end customer experiences 
that are seamless, engaging and unique. 



• Event and Agenda Planning
• Sourcing Speakers and Entertainment
•Sourcing Venues and Suppliers 



• Landing Page Creation
• Event-specific Digital Campaigns
• Production of 
Pre-recorded content and transitions
• Invitation Production 
• Gifting and Delivery

Event Day Execution


• Hosting and Facilitation
• Event Direction and Management
• Technical Assistance
• Q&A Management and Moderation

Post Event


• Post-event Surveys and Reporting​
• Post-event Emails​
• Post-event Materials/Token Delivery

Tools and Platforms

If what you need is not on this list, we have the capacity to learn it.​

The Latest Buzz

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