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Empathy: The Key to Successful Marketing Campaigns

How many failed marketing campaigns do you have under your belt? In my 25-plus years in marketing, I have quite a few.

One of the biggest reasons behind these failures was the lack of understanding of my audience, resulting in campaigns that didn’t resonate. I was creating content I liked, using words that I thought were witty, and forgetting that I was not the customer.

I have learned my lesson since then. The customer is now at the heart of each marketing campaign and every asset we produce here at Beeline. And in a B2B environment, knowing and understanding your customer is a must.

Practicing Empathic Marketing

Empathy, for me, is an ability that everyone should strive to master. With it, the world will be a much better place. But in B2B marketing, it’s a superpower.

Putting yourself in the customers’ shoes, understanding their challenges and motivations, and looking at things through their eyes, allows you to create more impactful content and campaigns. You can communicate in a language they understand, with visuals that resonate. Your events become unforgettable experiences they’d want to relive.

So how do you start marketing with empathy? Here are some steps you can take:

Don’t know much about your customers? Research!

Talk to your sales team – they may have more insights. Check out your customers on social media – find out what they’re posting. If you have an event that includes customers, go and meet them.

Use your analytics

You can learn so much about your customers through analytics. Review your website analytics – which content do they gravitate to, and where do they drop off? Which of your social media posts get the most engagement? This will help you determine which content works better.

Create your customer personas

This is an essential step since B2B campaigns are usually very targeted. List down the characteristics of the person who will most likely make the decision to purchase your product. Put in their roles, goals, decision-making process, and likely objections to your offering.

Put together your messaging house

Be clear on your messaging. What are you selling? What problem are you solving? What benefits are you bringing your customers? Make sure you’re using terms they understand.

Follow your customers

Are they on LinkedIn, Facebook, or even TikTok? Be visible in the channels where your customers are. No budget for ads? Start creating and posting content that they will appreciate.

Create meaningful interactions with your customers

Some companies are good at pushing content out but rarely comment or respond to customer messages. Try to engage your customers better. Create polls, ask questions – listen to their feedback. You can’t just keep blasting out announcements. Start a conversation with your customers.

In a climate where companies are jostling for attention, empathic marketing can help you connect with your customers better. It enables you to gain their trust and can help build longer-lasting relationships.


About the Writer

Mae Rivera-Moreno is the President and Co-Founder of B2B marketing agency Beeline Now Consulting Services. With more than two decades of B2B and tech marketing experience, Mae, through Beeline, has helped various organizations across Asia Pacific with their marketing challenges.

Need guidance on B2B marketing? Schedule a consult with Beeline here.


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