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Top 3 Lessons from 2022

Marketing Team

2022 brought exciting opportunities to Beeline. Our hive grew, and we ramped up our teams while executing multiple campaigns. But it also came with challenges that enabled us to become better and wiser. Below are the top three lessons we learned last year.

Embrace change, learn, and pivot
1. Embrace change, learn, and pivot.

2022 was a year of transition. After staying online for so long, people were eager to go out and connect. Seeing people flock to events was exhilarating (and just a bit worrying). For our team, it meant flexing muscles we hadn’t used in two years while ensuring that we followed ever-changing regulations and kept people safe.

Hybrid became the norm. And while we’ve always been comfortable working virtually (since our inception, Beeline has adopted a work-anywhere workstyle), ensuring we provide a good experience for both online and in-person attendees at events was something new. So, we trained and certified our team, partnered with other experts, and experimented – always bringing the lessons we learned in the past to each new project.

We bring this same philosophy of learning new things to all aspects of the business. Some clients use unfamiliar technologies (yup, looking at you, Ontraport!), but we buckle up, partner with experts, and learn. In the end, we have the knowledge and resources to execute effectively. Still, we’re always finding ways to improve.

Experiment, learn, and optimize
2. Experiment, learn, and optimize.

This is particularly true for digital campaigns. Some things are constant (e.g., LinkedIn works best if you post at least twice a week, and B2B folks should ease up on spending on FB ads during the holiday season). But each campaign has a different set of parameters, targeting different personas with varying value propositions that require careful planning, analysis, and some experimentation. Experimenting with multiple ad formats, copy, and creatives, practicing A/B testing, and constantly monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing are best practices that we should all adopt to ensure we get more leads out of our campaigns.

Expect the unexpected
3. Expect the unexpected.

Sometimes, you get a visit from Murphy. Your project lead gets Covid the day before the activity, and the aircon breaks down in the middle of a huge event. Or a client changes the product after all the campaign assets have been drafted. No matter how much effort you put into planning something, things can take an unexpected turn. But when they do, what’s important is that: 1) you have a backup plan, and 2) you’re there to support your customer, no matter what.

And when things are extra challenging (the aircon failure was tough to navigate and a surprise even to the venue), the best thing to do is to communicate, communicate, and communicate. Oh, and get the best deal for your client out of it!

All these lessons we’ve learned we’ve put into practice, enabling us to improve our services. We’re eagerly looking forward to what 2023 has in store for us and the new lessons it will bring. Here’s to growing and learning this new year!

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