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Modern Marketing Challenges

Your Customer
is Changing

(so your Marketing needs to transform too!)

marketing challenges

What are modern B2B marketing challenges
and how can Beeline help?

Today's buyers hold so much power: with a few taps on their phone or keyboard, they can research and compare options without ever contacting your business or meeting with your sellers. Analysts say:

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94% of B2B buyers conduct online research at some point in the buying process and 59% of buyers prefer to do research online instead of interacting with a sales rep.

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90% of decision-makers no longer respond to cold calls or emails. Buyers are 5x more likely to engage if the outreach is through social media or a mutual connection.

Because of changing buyer behaviors, B2B organizations face the following modern marketing challenges:

1. Standing out and grabbing customer attention.

If you're a single fish in a sea of options, having a clear value proposition and knowing your customer are key. Relevance and empathy through quality content are more important than ever. 

2. Understanding the buyer journey and the personas involved.

For B2B companies, the buying process can be complex and may involve multiple individuals or departments. You need the ability to deliver a seamless customer experience that connects both online and offline customer touchpoints, for all relevant personas, at every stage in the buyer journey. 

3. Using data for competitive advantage.

If there's anything that defines today's digital world, it's data. Every move we make in the digital world leaves a trail of clues about behaviors and preferences that marketers can use to make better, more effective marketing campaigns -- all within the bounds of data privacy law, of course. 

4. Limited marketing capacity and marketing staff churn.

In many B2B organizations, it is the business owners or sales directors who double as marketing strategists, and the marketing team is responsible mostly for execution. This leaves true marketers feeling limited in terms of career growth and development.  Outsourcing your marketing to an experienced team of B2B marketers gives you access to the marketing capabilities you need, without having to hire additional full-time staff. 

Beeline addresses these challenges for you and lets you tap into some of the best B2B marketing talent in the Philippines through our Marketing as a Service

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