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Marketing Tech to Non-Technical People

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

In the past, it was enough for a company selling IT solutions to talk to just one person: the CIO. But now, technology is everybody's business, and buying decisions are no longer the sole domain of the CIO. Technology decisions and budgets have started to move away from IT and into the hands of the business units such as Finance, Marketing and Operations. CIOs as well as the executives involved in selecting a technology solution have access to more information on more options than ever before, and have higher expectations from their vendors.

It used to be that the primary source of information on IT solutions were the vendors themselves. But now that customers have the ability to research their options online without ever speaking to a vendor, IT marketers need to step up their game by doing the following:

1. Speak the language of the business decision-maker. Marketers need to transition from talking about features and functions to communicating business value. Start with empathy, putting yourself in the shoes of your customer and understanding what matters to them. That becomes the basis for you to develop messaging and content that resonates with your audience.

2. Have a clear value proposition consistently communicated across all online and offline channels. What do you offer and for whom? What makes you different from your competitors? Why should customers choose you? This value proposition needs to be shared across your organization, so that everyone -- especially marketers and sellers -- know it by heart.

3. Invest in digital marketing and prepare to give a good user experience. Traditionally, technology marketing budgets go into in-person events. While events certainly remain an effective way of generating leads -- especially with the right people in attendance -- digital marketing is increasing in importance and provides the ability to scale marketing at relatively low costs. Ironically, many technology marketers are playing catch up in this field.

For starters, make sure your website is updated and incorporates items 1 and 2 above. It should also be easy for customers to get in touch with you or to engage with relevant content that can move them further along the buyer journey.


Beeline has helped many IT companies in Asia Pacific to position their solutions and services for business decision-makers and promote them through carefully crafted digital marketing campaigns. Email the author, Issa Aviles, at to schedule a free consult.


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